Arts Lead: A Program for Better Business


What Makes Arts Lead Unique

* Customized approaches to learning about yourself and managing your business

* A constant stream of information delivered to you

* Specific resources and guidance designed for your business 

* Networking and resource sharing with other Arts Lead participants

* Completion of projects during the 6 month period

* Educational components through guided instructional resources

* Tools and techniques to develop your business

" I often create my programs and services based on what I want and need as an artist in business. Arts Lead was born from a desire to not only serve my clients and community with education programs and resources, but to follow through and watch those resources being applied, to experience their growth and the plans taking shape. Part of my WHY relates to success in business and legitimizing that the arts are integral to society... being part of the action as a first-hand witness, carrying them through the messages, just makes sense to me."   

Join these artists who are currently participating in Arts Lead: 

Lou Horton Sculpture

Murphy Trogdon Ayala

Marcia Streithorst

Bill Palmieri Guy

Maureen Seltzer

Molly Chopin

Janet Link

Linda Starr

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Arts Lead

Arts Lead is a 6 month long professional development program for visual artists and creatives in business. Thea serves participants of the program in a leadership role, helping them to develop professionally by providing them with educational programs and resources and the hands-on support needed to complete specified business related tasks and projects. The program is customized to meet the needs of each individual participant. Participants work with Thea 1:1 during in-person sessions, through phone meetings with guest industry leaders and artists, and will attend a touchpoint session with other Arts Lead participants mid-way through their program term. Arts Lead services are provided in two ways: 1) Thea provides participants an assessment of what is needed and then creates a development plan that she helps to administer over the course of the 6 months and 2) participants place their requests for structured support based on their specific goals and needs and may select from a list of educational programs, resources, and services. Participants receive support, guidance, and resources to complete tasks, set goals, and manage projects together during the program, all of which translate into sustainability, growth, and success. 

Registration is accepted on an on-going basis. Contact Thea to register, or if you have any questions about the program and how it will benefit you and your business.

* Fee: $395 for 6 months, paid in full at registration. 

* A two-part payment installment plan is available if you need it.  

Participants receive:

  • Five (5), 1:1 in-person sessions with Thea
  • Five to ten (5-10) phone conferences with Thea, industry experts and/or other Arts Lead participants
  • Support via email and a stream of educational guides, files, forms, and resources 
  • 1 in-person, group touchpoint session with other Arts Lead participants 
  • Business name & link(s) hosted on The Artist’s Concierge website
  • A discount off of website design services such as a Business Website or an Online Store. 
  • Opportunities to be featured on social media

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