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Why Arts Lead?

" I often create my programs and services based on what I want and need as an artist in business. Arts Lead was born from a desire to not only serve my clients and community with education programs and resources, but to follow through and watch those resources being applied, to see their growth and the plans taking shape. Part of my WHY relates to success in business and legitimizing that the arts are integral to society... being part of the action as a first-hand witness, carrying them through the messages, just makes sense to me."   

Thea Fotiu Howell, The Artist's Concierge

What is Arts Lead?

Arts Lead is a 6 month long professional development program designed to serve visual artists in business. The approach is both customized and education-based, helping artists to manage tasks and initiate new projects, or to carry out big ideas. Participants receive guidance, support, and resources to stabilize, grow, and propel them forward in their creative work. Customized communication and resources are the heart of Arts Lead. Thea helps participating arts entrepreneurs to elevate their offerings. 

The Culture: Participants have various levels of knowledge or development, but each have a desire to earn profit and to grow a sustainable business.Accountability is an important factor, but participants should not feel rushed or overwhelmed by program tasks; it’s not a hustle, it’s a practice. Arts Lead is most effective when participants are responsive and timely with the resources offered; establishing routines and applying the practices brings success. 

* Customized approaches to learning about yourself and managing your business

* A constant stream of information delivered to you

* Specific resources and guidance designed for your business 

* Networking and resource sharing with other Arts Lead participants

* Completion of projects and the initiation of new plans during the 6 month period

* Educational components through guided instructional resources

* Tools and techniques to develop your business

Participants receive the following: 

  • Five (5), 1:1 in-person development sessions with Thea ( 2 hours each, once per month) 
  • Five (5) group development sessions (by phone) featuring in-depth professional development topics (1 hour each, 1 per month)
  • One (1) Special Session (an in-person group touchpoint with other Arts Lead participants on a professional development topic)
  • Access to the Client Portal of The Artist’s Concierge website offering educational guides, forms, and resources
  • Artist Spotlight featured name and weblink on The Artist’s Concierge website and social media 
  • A $100 credit toward any service of your choice by The Artist’s Concierge
  • (VIP) Reduced registration ticket fees to select professional development programs hosted by The Artist’s Concierge 
  • One (1) complimentary ticket to any Articulate This weekly series hosted by The Artist’s Concierge (valued at $25)
  • A monthly newsletter featuring development topics, articles, calls for shows and opportunities, and resource

Program Fee

Registration is $650 for 6 months 

Payment options available. 

Current Arts Lead 2018-19 Participants: 

Lou Horton

Murphy Trogdon Ayala

Marcia Streithorst

Bill Palmieri Guy

Maureen Seltzer

Molly Chopin

Janet Link

Linda Starr 

Denise Hughes

Myra Jean-Smith

Alannah Bevans

Arts Lead 2019-20 begin in August. 

Check out the current registrants for Arts Lead 2019-20: 

Murphy Trogdon Ayala

Denise Hughes

Molly Chopin

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Here's what Arts Lead 2018-19 Participant Bill Palmieri-Guy has to say:

"While Thea shares tools and experiences to help with your creative business, she does not take a "one size fits all" approach. Rather, she spends time early in the program getting to know you, your work, and your goals, customizing her collaboration with you for the remainder of your time together. Using principles based on Carl Jung's archetypes, you'll begin to understand your "authentic self" and how not only to manifest it in your art, but in your daily life. My creative practice feels sustainable and life giving in bold, new ways. My portfolio site is clean and organized, I've made new contacts, and I have systems for my social media that not just promote my work, but add to its meaning. Thea rocks!" - Bill Palmieri-Guy, Arts Lead 2018-19 program participant

Arts Lead 2019-20 begin in August. 

Check out the current registrants for Arts Lead 2019-20: 

Murphy Trogdon Ayala

Denise Hughes

Molly Chopin

Arts Lead 2019-20: Now Enrolling for August 2019

Join in on a professional development program for artists that takes you to new levels and a journey of deeper and more meaningful engagement in business.  Read on in this PDF....... 

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