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Arts Lead


What is Arts Lead?

Arts Lead is a 6 month long professional development program for visual artists in business. The program is designed to help them sustain and grow their businesses, develop their marketing, and to propel them forward in their creative work. The approach is both customized and education-based, helping artists manage tasks and projects or to initiate their next big idea.


What's the program's culture?

Participants have various types of experiences in business, but each has a desire for detailed support, to earn profit, and to grow a sustainable, creative business.

It’s not a hustle, it’s a practice

Accountability and diligence with the materials is important, but participants should not feel overwhelmed. 


How does Arts Lead take place?

There are two main components to the program. 

Education & Resources. Over three phases in the program, participants receive educational business topics and resources in marketing, technology, and customer service to name a few. 

Customized Support. For 6 months, participants are provided a life-line of support created by the personalized, 1:1 conversations with Thea. Participants bring their emerging tasks, projects, and issues to the table for problem-solving and guided support.  

What do Arts Lead participants receive?

  • Five (5), In-Person Development Session (1:1 in-person with Thea for 2 hours, once per month) 

  • Five (5) Group Phone Sessions featuring in-depth professional development topics (1 hour each, 1 per month)

  • Three (3) In-Person Group Sessions with program participants

  • A monthly email listing development topics, resources, and tasks

  • (Client Spotlight) feature on The Artist's Concierge social media pages 

  • A $100 credit toward any service of your choice by The Artist’s Concierge

  • Special rate website service for website projects contracted during the program 

  • (VIP) Reduced registration ticket fees to select professional development programs hosted by Thea Fotiu Howell, The Artist’s Concierge 

Arts Lead.... A Program for Better Business


Why Arts Lead?

" I often create my programs and services based on what I want and need as an artist in business. Arts Lead was born from a desire to not only serve my clients and community with education programs and resources, but to follow through and watch those resources being applied, to see their growth and the plans taking shape. Part of my WHY relates to success in business and legitimizing that the arts are integral to society... being part of the action as a first-hand witness, carrying them through the messages, just makes sense to me."   

Thea Fotiu Howell, The Artist's Concierge


Here's what Arts Lead 2018-19 Participant Bill Palmieri-Guy has to say:

"While Thea shares tools and experiences to help with your creative business, she does not take a "one size fits all" approach. Rather, she spends time early in the program getting to know you, your work, and your goals, customizing her collaboration with you for the remainder of your time together. Using principles based on Carl Jung's archetypes, you'll begin to understand your "authentic self" and how not only to manifest it in your art, but in your daily life. My creative practice feels sustainable and life giving in bold, new ways. My portfolio site is clean and organized, I've made new contacts, and I have systems for my social media that not just promote my work, but add to its meaning. Thea rocks!"   - Bill Palmieri-Guy, Arts Lead 2018-19 program participant

Current Arts Lead 2019-2020 participants:

Murphy Trogdon Ayala

Denise Hughes

Molly Chopin

Janet Link

Kevin Peddicord

Lou Horton

Elaine O'Neil