You have the freedom and the power to design and guide your business in unique ways that reflect you, your products, and services. Together, we can ensure that you are fulfilling the business side of things, while also fulfilling the creative end.  My web design and content writing services offer you the power to stand out in the crowd, and most importantly to be authentic. 

What does it mean to be creative? What are your daily habits? At times, the life of a creative seems very different from the lives of others. Stay true to your desires and attend to your needs.  

You are wanted and appreciated for your whole self- everything that drives how and what your create.

Fear and hesitation are so 2018.  

While a little bit of fear and hesitation are healthy and motivating, it's time to shed the things that hold you back from achievements or that cause you to question "will this be accepted?"  and "can I really do this?" You've got REAL stories to share and the support from other creatives on your side. 

You are not alone. 

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Thea helps artists and creatives with their needs, whether it's content writing, website design, or a complimentary audit of your website pages. 

The Arts Lead Program offers artists and creatives in business a dynamic service to support their goals and plans. 

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As The Artist's Concierge, Thea Howell works to put artists and creatives in touch with as many resources as possible. 

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