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Web Design + Content Writing For Your Creative Business

Website Design + Creative Content + Business Resources with Thea Fotiu Howell

What does it mean to be creative? What are your daily habits? We "make it work" with perseverance and, at times, the life of a creative seems very different from the lives of others. Stay true to your desires and attend to your needs. You got this.

Together, we can ensure that you are fulfilling the business side of things, while also fulfilling the creative one.  Because you are creative you have the freedom and the power to design and guide your business in unique ways that reflect you, your products, and services. 

So, don't do anything other than that. Thea's web design and content writing services offer your creative business the power it needs to stand out in the crowd. 

Fear and hesitation are so 2017.  

While a little bit of fear and hesitation are healthy and motivating, it's time to shed the things that hold you back from achievements or that cause you to question "will this be accepted?"  and "can I really do this?" You've got REAL stories to share and the support from other creatives on your side. You are not alone. 

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Meet Thea Howell

Why Art + Business?

"I want creatives in business to experience, through their success in business, that their work contributes to the well being of society."     - Thea

Thea Fotiu Howell is thinking like an artist because she is one. She has thrived at the intersection of art + business for more than 20 years with tenacity, coffee, a gregarious spirit, and a whole lot of networking. A self-named lifelong learner, her role as a business developer and educator in the arts helps her to serve up powerful tools and practices for her clients (and for her self). Thea earned a B.A. in Studio Arts from the State University of New York at Oneonta. Among her experiences, she was the Art Director of both the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources and for Imurj in Raleigh. She is a published poet and the recipient of an award from The Academy of American Poets. As a visual artist, her paintings have been exhibited in both New York and North Carolina. She is currently a contracted teaching artist with the North Carolina Museum of Art and a freelance website designer and content writer for creatives in business.

Professionals Skills

  • Web Design 
  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Literacy and Design
  • Business Development
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • B2B and B2C Marketing
  • Customer Service Relations
  • Event Management

Career Highlights

  • Teaching Artist, North Carolina Museum of Art
  • Art Director, Imurj
  • Art Director, City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources  
  • Community Partner, Triangle Artworks
  • Steering Committee Member of Triangle Emerging Arts Leaders (TEAL) 
  • Participating Artist, Monster Drawing Ralley 2016 and 2017, North Carolina Museum of Art 
  • Judge, 2016 Lulu eGames, NC State University Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative 
  • Judge, 2016 Creative Jam presented by Adobe Illustrations, Contemporary Art Museum (CAM), Raleigh, NC

Thea is a GoDaddy Pro Designer