Social Media

When it works, we praise it. If not, it's "the S word." Whether you're elated or ho-hum about it, or just out there palpitating the darkness for answers, social media isn't going away. 

I'll shed a little light on it to help us understand its marketing power, maybe even like it a little. (Pun intended). Cheers, Thea 


Free Marketing. (That's its other name).

Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, social media is a blessing, sometimes disguised as a curse, for many creatives. 

While Facebook continues to have the most users...2.3 billion to be exact...platforms like Youtube and Instagram are popular among visual artists and creatives. 

I'll continue to offer info and resources on social media for visual artists, but for now there's a PDF below to warm up to ideas about metrics. 

Here's your FREE Copy of "Social Media: The Metrics That Mat

It's not all about the likes. Here's a little insight about social media metrics.

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