Such an abstract word, don't you agree? My job is to make it less abstract and cloudy and more tangible and clear for you in your practice. In programs like Arts Lead, or at any of my lectures, you'll hear me talk concretely about marketing and all the wild and wonderful ways to apply it as an artist. Cheers, Thea 


The 5 P's of Marketing

  • Product
  • Price
  • People
  • Package
  • Promotion

Did you know that product, price, people, and packaging can exist without promotion-- but that promotion can't exist without these 4 P's?  Kinda emphasizes the importance of your promotions being precisely aligned and intentional with the other 4 pieces, doesn't it? 

Marketing is an art form.

(If it wasn't, I know I wouldn't enjoy or understand it as much as I do!)

I spend a great deal of time as The Artist's Concierge making sure that your marketing communications are as artistic, clear, and engaging as your art. You'll hear me shed light on marketing practices in my lectures, and see that I work closely 1:1 with clients in Arts Lead helping them to fortify their marketing practice and make new developments that have result-oriented effects.