"While Thea shares tools and experiences to help with your creative business, she does not take a "one size fits all" approach. Rather, she spends time early in the program getting to know you, your work, and your goals, customizing her collaboration with you for the remainder of your time together. Using principles based on Carl Jung's archetypes, you'll begin to understand your "authentic self" and how not only to manifest it in your art, but in your daily life. My creative practice feels sustainable and life giving in bold, new ways. My portfolio site is clean and organized, I've made new contacts, and I have systems for my social media that not just promote my work, but add to its meaning. Thea rocks!" 

  - Bill Palmieri-Guy, 

Arts Lead 2018-19 participant


" I highly recommend Thea’s Arts Lead program! As a full-time artist, I can sometimes put my head down and concentrate on what I know and simply do that. But every few years I come up and take a breath and realize I need to “up my marketing game,” change things a bit, or just find out what’s new and how I might incorporate it into my practice. I had attended several of Thea’s open and free workshop sessions in the past and knew that her energy and style were inclusive and positive- I felt I’d gained useful nuggets of information and was curious for more.

I signed up for the Arts Lead program last summer (2019) and it was an awesome decision. Thea helped me to plan and organize for an artist residency, she helped me with writing and being clear about my story, and she helped me realize the value of great photos, and staying engaged with the community even when I want to keep my head down and work. I recommend hiring Thea for Arts Lead- you will not regret it!  She is also excellent at website design- and is redesigning my site as I write.  She is available to hire hourly, so if you need help with individual tasks, she’s available in that fashion too. We are lucky to have Thea in the triangle!"  - Elaine O'Neil 

Elaine O'Neil

Arts Lead 2019-2020 participant and Online Store website client

Denise Hughes

What do you get the most out of in Arts Lead 2019-2020?

"A new approach, how to be more efficient in marketing my self, how to hone in on certain projects and what to let go."

What aspects of marketing did you learn in Arts Lead 2019-2020?

"How to improve my social media, how to gain more followers, how to step out of the box and promote myself."

What’s been of benefit to you from the group?  

"Have enjoyed meeting the other artists and getting to know how they work and how they use different aspects of marketing; it’s just a learning process, I’ve been able to learn a lot from you and them."

How did it feel to know that you have my support for a 6 month period? 

"It’s very assuring to know that if I have an emerging issue I can bring them to you and you can assist me with a response or how to manage it." 

Denise Hughes

Business Website client 

Arts Lead Participant for 3 sessions: 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 


Janet Link

What 3 things are you doing differently now as a result of Arts Lead? 

I have a lot more confidence about tackling a lot of the technical stuff and marketing stuff; I will avoid it less and will actually do it. I always pay very close attention to detail in my work and am very relentless to make sure I have solved all my problems to the best of my ability, but I will probably approach my professional practice with more the same persistence as a result of Arts Lead. 

What would you say to an artist contemplating arts lead? 

"It got me thinking about a lot things that I didn’t know existed and didn’t really think about— especially about things like my archetype. They are things that I always tried to cobble together for myself. I really think that making the investment in it made it an accountability for myself. One of the things I really appreciate about the way that you handle it is the amount of flexibility in the way that you approached it- that you let me drive what the goals were." 

Janet Link, Arts Lead 2019-2020 participant

Janet Link, artist website and Janet Link Cookies

"Thea set up my website through GoDaddy using their tools to build a mobile and desktop friendly site with a store. I have hundreds of items and had no idea where to start or how to organize them and she made it as simple as possible with the goal of making it easy for shoppers. Her prices are clear and the value is outstanding. I was able to budget for the expense because I knew there weren't going to be hidden charges. I've had my domain and a simple portfolio website for many years, but I need a website that would sell my work, is shopper friendly, and stayed true to my style. I didn't have time to teach myself how to build a website and also optimize it for traffic and conversions. Thea doesn't just design it, she shows you how to update it, and helps you understand how to optimize it and convert visitors into buyers."


 - Lou Horton of Lou Horton Sculpture 

 Online Store website client and Arts Lead Participant


"I’m so happy I chose to work with The Artist’s Concierge on my website design. Thea was attentive, prompt and efficient throughout the process. She listened to my ideas and concerns and gave me expert advice on how to achieve the presentation I desired. My website is clean, contemporary and easy to navigate. My content represents me. I have a fabulous marketing product I’m proud of and I receive compliments on. Hands down the best business decision I could have made. Thea knows how to market artists and their art." 

- Lynn Alker, Business Website client


"I’ve had several artist friends say how enjoyable it is to look through the site, admiring the cleanness and the organization (such as the Techniques page). In our second meeting she thoroughly interviewed me before drafting the Biography and Artist Statement sections. She brought patience and sensitivity to the difficult editing process, getting inside my motivations and looking for ways to thread my story together. She looked carefully at my work before making design choices, in order to contextualize and shape the website to reflect my aesthetic. 

Thea always answered questions and followed up with emails that include links to pertinent articles, and clear directions or explanations. Thea’s experience with the layout and publishing process in GoDaddy was evident. From the beginning, she presented me with well-researched options, always let me know what to expect, and delivered as promised."

Jen Coon, Business Website client